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Empowering young girls with entrepreneurship was a mutual exchange of culture and learning. It was a rewarding experience that would forever impact my life. - Katelyn, Pennsylvania

Child Care Volunteer Project

Child Care Centers provide kids the opportunity to learn and grow with some skills. As a volunteer in a child care center, you will teach and play with the kids.

Teach English Volunteer Project

Volunteering as an English teacher would enable you help children improve their English speaking and writing abilities. You also gain international volunteering experience.

Teach ICT Volunteer Project

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge is now the new normal in the developing world. Not only is ICT education essential to develop human capacity, it is also an essential means to eradicating poverty.

Teach Math Volunteer Project

Numeracy competence is a vital tool for academic progression in Ghana, West Africa. Many students face difficulties with Math. Volunteering as a Math teacher will greatly help children improve their Math skills.

Teach Business Volunteer Project

To eradicate poverty, entrepreneurship is a necessary asset that students in vocational/technical schools must possess. Have love for people in under-served vocational/technical schools? Join us make a difference by volunteering today!!

Teach Creative Arts Volunteer Project

Creative Arts challenges children to put their minds to work and let their imaginations soar. Through Creative Arts, children are able to invent or innovate various artistic works.

Teach Science Volunteer Project

Volunteering as an Science teacher would enable you help children qualify for higher education in the fields of engineering and medicine.

Teach French Volunteer Project

Ghana is a neighbor to Francophone countries. To aid trade and collaboration with neighboring countries when they grow, children ought to understand and communicate effectively in French.