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Cookie Policy

About Cookies
Cookies are text files containing information which are sent to your web browser and stored on your computer, mobile device or any other device when you visit any website that uses cookies. The cookies are enabled to send data to the originating website or another website that makes out that cookie.
There are permanent cookies and temporary cookies. Permanent cookies reside on your computer or device until you delete them. Whereas temporary cookies, also known as session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.
Also, there are website cookies used by the website you visit and third-party cookies used by a third party website which is different from the website you visited.

HWI Use of Cookies
HWI uses cookies to improve website functionality and monitoring our website usage. This ensures that we deliver targeted and appropriate information to you our website user.
Whereas some cookies are necessary cookies, others are performance enhancement cookies, advertising cookies and strictly third-party cookies.
Necessary cookies are used for the purposes of enabling you to register and login to our website.

Performance enhancement cookies are used to identify how many people visited our website. The identity of visitors to our website are however anonymous. This enables us to analyse and provide you with appropriate information to improve your experience when you return to our website.

Advertising cookies are used to help improve your experience of seeing advertisements we deliver on our website. These are placed by third party advertising websites should we decide to use any of them to serve an ad.

Third party cookies are set by third party websites such as Facebook.com and Youtube.com on pages that we may display any content from them on our website. We do not control such cookies. Please familiarise yourself with the cookies policies of any third party website’s content you see on our website.
Managing and Removing Cookies
Removing or blocking cookies can be done through your web browser settings. If you are at odds, please refer to the “Help” function which can be found within your web browser. You can read more about how to manage and remove cookies by visiting http://www.aboutcookies.org

Refer to your handset manual to read about how to enable or disable cookies on your mobile device or any device.

Please bear in mind that some areas of and within our website can only be accessed by enabling cookies.

To contact us about cookies, email: info@humanityworld.net

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