HumanityWorldInternational (HWI) is a volunteer driven non-profit organization that organizes and arranges impact oriented volunteer and internship projects to help alleviate the challenges of Africa.
We encourage you to join us make a difference in your chosen field by applying to join us in Ghana, West Africa to offer a helping hand to underserved children and communities.
If you can’t find a project matching your skills or need, contact us to arrange a customised project.


Volunteer Projects

Year round, HWI welcomes you to take part in our impact oriented volunteer projects; from teaching kids to providing care services to underserved children and communities.


Internship Programs

Gain hands-on experience in your chosen field; choose from among our numerous intrnship programs designed to provide you immeasurable international experience.

"Empowering women with entrepreneurial skills was a mutual exchange of culture and learning. It was a rewarding experience that would forever impact my life perspectives". ^Katelyn, Pennsylvania Volunteer ProjectsInternship Programs

International Internship Programs

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Earn College Credit

Our internship programs make room for you to earn college credit while interning with us!

Group Interns

Be a leader; organize a group and come intern with us. Solo interns are also welcome.

Customized Programs

No matter your interest, HWI will arrange an internship program to meet your needs.

Volunteer Projects

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Group Volunteering

Organize a group and come volunteer on any of our wide range  of volunteer projects. Volunteering in groups brings lots of rewarding experiences. Team work and outings are great when done in a group.

Customized Projects

Step up to the challenge. No matter your interest, HWI will help arrange a volunteer or internship project tailored to your needs and/or skills. Email us details of your intended project and we shall get in touch.

Volunteer Trips

Volunteer Trips are great eye openers for volunteers desirous of taking a vacation in Africa while spedning part of their time volunteering in a school or a childrens center. HWI arranges volunteer trips. Get in touch.